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Onward! Let’s go! As the name suggests, Avanti inspires you to start designing in a fresh and fab way.

New Avanti linear brick brings you exquisitely long lines with an incredibly slim height of only 1-5/8″. Like all Arriscraft calcium silicate brick, Avanti features a natural, fine-grain texture and boasts the strength and durability benefits of quarried stone. This distinct long brick features a smooth, weathered finish – creating the perfect union of modern and rustic aesthetics.

Available in four standard soft and sophisticated colours: Black Coral, Coastal Fog, Ocean Mist, and Sea Shell which are elegant statements on their own or a welcoming backdrop for trendy dark metal and natural wood accents. A full-bed brick (3-9/16″), Avanti comes in random lengths up to 23-5/8″.

At a glance


AVA 1-5/8″ H x random up to 23-5/8″ L x 3-5/8”


Smooth Weathered


Calcium Silicate


A comprehensive sample detail system to aid design professionals. These details have been developed according to accepted construction standards and practices.

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