Continuing Education

At Arriscraft, we strive to help Architects, Designers, and Trade Professionals achieve a better understanding of masonry design and construction.

Proud to be an AIA/CES Continuing Education Provider, Arriscraft offers four AIA Learning Units. All presentations are available by appointment as a Box Lunch.

To learn more about the educational programs available from Arriscraft, or to book an appointment, please contact us at, or at 1-800-265-8123.

Stone Designs
Program Number SD
LU Hours 1.00

Considerations for the installation
of Calcium Silicate MUS

Program Number INSTAL
LU Hours 1.00

Participants will learn about calcium silicate masonry unit composition and properties and how they influence design decisions; proper masonry detailing techniques; movement joint requirements when using different building materials; at grade design options, overall design versatility of full bed stone, review examples of designs in stone.

Identify the unique methods and materials utilized to manufacture calcium silicate masonry units. Identify the advantages for installation efficiencies with calcium silicate masonry units. Understand the physical properties of calcium silicate masonry units compared to those of other familiar masonry unit materials. Identify the impact of choice of unit material on the design considerations for movement joint systems.

Designing with Thin-Clad Stone
Program Number DWTCS
LU Hours 1.00

Proper Masonry Detailing & Techniques
Program Number PMD-2
LU Hours 2.00
Also available as an Online Presentation

The presentation outlines two distinct installation systems and five different potential uses for Thin-Clad Stone materials. These uses will cover both interior and exterior veneer applications. The presentation will focus on both thin bed and “clipped” or anchored veneers. The specific focus will be on:

•    Exterior Thin Bed Applications
•    Interior Thin Bed Applications
•    Clipped or Anchored Sealed Rainscreen Applications
•    Open Rainscreens
•    Clipped or Anchored Retrofit Applications

Building envelope design and construction issues as they pertain to moisture management and the control of differential movement within masonry veneer walls are discussed. Design guidelines and quality of work issues are presented.

Design guidelines include consideration of the foundation-to-wall junction, wall openings, movement-control joint design, shelf angles, and parapet wall design.

Quality of Work issues include consideration of material storage and handling, environmental requirements, masonry accessories, mortar materials and mixing, wall protection, and masonry cleaning.

Participants are required to complete an open-book quiz upon completion of the program to promote increased retention of the information.

Proper Masonry Detailing is also available as an online presentation. Click the link below to complete this presentation online.

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