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Continuing Education

At Arriscraft, we strive to help Architects, Designers, and Trade Professionals achieve a better understanding of masonry design and construction.

Proud to be an AIA/CES Continuing Education Provider, Arriscraft offers a variety of AIA Learning Units. All presentations are available by appointment as a Box Lunch. Our courses can also be used towards OAA, ARIDO and ASID learning credits.

To learn more about the educational programs available from Arriscraft, or to book an appointment, please contact us at, or at 1-800-265-8123.

Stone Designs

In this presentation, we will discuss the formation of natural stone and compare that with the natural process technology of manufacturing Calcium Silicate Stone Units. Architectural detailing for stone masonry veneers promoting moisture management principles and considerations for control of movement in masonry walls is covered. A variety of design styles incorporating stone masonry materials are highlighted.

AIA Program Number: SD
LU Hours 2.00 / HSW

The Poetry of Walls-
Unique Brick Detailing

This program will discuss brick manufacturing, sustainability and unique brick detailing. Brick allows for an almost endless array of creativity using sizes, colors, patterns, etc. to design walls. Also discussed will be how brick fit into sustainable building designs and how to detail these unique cladding designs incorporating brick.

AIA Program Number: GSB34
LU Hours 1.00 / HSW

Proper Masonry Detailing

In this presentation, we discuss the design and construction factors that impact the long-term performance of masonry veneer wall assemblies. We will also delve into the Energy Codes and how full-bed masonry wall assemblies meet or exceed the requirements for energy efficient building design. We will dive into architectural detailing for masonry veneers that promote moisture management principles as well as considerations for the proper control of movement in masonry walls.

AIA Program Number: PMD3
LU Hours 2.00 / HSW

“Thermally Broken” Shelf Angles (Presented by Fero Corp)

Requirements for continuous insulation in above- grade wall assemblies are becoming more common to meet energy codes and energy efficiency programs that continue to shift the industry toward more stringent thermal performance standards. This presentation will focus on thermally efficient methods for masonry cladding supports.

AIA Program Number: OOUOA1
LU Hours 1.00 / HSW

Changing Landscape of Thin Adhered Masonry Veneers

Veneer and the wide variety of potential uses for them including (NEW) and renovation applications. We will cover how to meet the requirements of the Energy Code when utilizing these assemblies.

AIA Program Number: CLAVI2
LU Hours 1.00 / HSW

Thin-Brick – An Exploration of Unlimited Options and Potential

This program will discuss thin brick manufacturing, sustainability and unique brick detailing when thin clay brick is employed in building design. Discussions will be on how brick are formed which allow for an almost endless array of creativity using sizes, colors, patterns, articulation, etc. to design walls. The many ways in which thin brick can be installed will also be discussed including thin brick embedded into precast concrete panels, adhered thin brick veneers, floors, ceiling barrel vaults and other unique features.

AIA Program Number: GSB-40
LU Hours 1.00 / HSW

Pushing The Envelope – Continuous Insulation Solutions for Thin Adhered Masonry Veneers

We will discuss and explore Engineered and Tested Continuous Insulation (CI) solutions for thin adhered masonry veneers to meet the requirements of the Energy Code anywhere in North America.

AIA Program Number: PTEICB
LU Hours 1.00 / HSW

Proper Thin-Adhered Masonry Veneer Detailing for the Modern Age and Energy Code

We will expand on previously presented detailing concepts and look at how to properly detail exterior wall assemblies with continuously insulated thin adhered masonry veneers that meet the requirements of the Energy Code. In this presentation we will consider concepts like moisture movement (wind driven, capillary, condensation) and related details, such as “At Grade” details, Window sills, heads and jambs, deflection joints, movement joints, and parapet details as well as some other special details.

AIA Program Number: PTAMD
LU Hours 2.00 / HSW

Protected Membrane Roofing (Presented by T-Clear)

Provides a comparison of the functional and physical features of PMR systems to conventional low-slope roofing applications. Includes a discussion about the ASCE 7 standard and its impact on wind uplift design and how weather events such as hail impact roof design.

AIA Program Number: T037CES02
LU Hours 1.00 / HSW

Just Hanging Out on the Wall – Masonry Rainscreens)

To discuss Masonry Veneer Rainscreens and the wide variety of potential uses for them including (NEW) and renovation applications. This course covers how to meet the requirements of the Energy Code when utilizing these assemblies.

AIA Program Number: JHMR2
LU Hours 1.00 / HSW

Look to the Interior - Thin Masonry for Internal Beauty and Design

This program will discuss the many ways thin masonry can bring a sense of warmth and dynamic aesthetics to any interior. We’ll explore how thin masonry can range from classic and traditional to sleek, contemporary and modern. While many people think of masonry as an intriguing and thought-provoking exterior cladding material, thin masonry can continue that theme to the interior. With so many different options for thin masonry including Thin Brick, Thin Natural Stone, and Thin Calcium Silicate, the world is your oyster when it comes to creating beautiful and stunning interiors.

AIA Program Number: LITMIB
LU Hours 1.00 / HSW

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